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50 Years of Providing Hope Through Recovery

strong-familiesThe Strong Families Program was developed to help parents recognize danger signs that may indicate their child is at risk of alcohol or substance abuse. The program also helps parents identify risk and protective factors in their homes to increase the likelihood of preventing their child from abusing alcohol or substances.

Our Strong Families Program provides interactive lessons, brainstorming sessions, current alcohol and substance abuse information, parenting tips, and group discussions to help you build a stronger family.

Professional staff from the ACCA Community Education Program can design a seminar or 4-8 week session to fit your needs!

You can choose from the following ACCA Strong Families topics to individualize your session or register for our 8 week program:

Parental Roles

  • Personal beliefs on parenting…deadly vs. desirable beliefs
  • Self-esteem for parents…setting goals and dreams
  • Risk factors for students using alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (ATOD)
  • Protective factors to guard against students using ATOD
  • Developing the resilient child…what is resiliency? How can I encourage resiliency and growth? (Problem solving and social building exercises)

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Myths and Facts

  • Family attitudes about ATOD…Does this affect my child?
  • Drug availability…What’s out there? How do I identify drugs?
  • ATOD trends in the area, slang terms and current paraphernalia
  • Danger signs…What is normal? What is not?
  • What to do if your child is using…How to get the right help (Community resources and development of parental support groups)

Family Life Skills

  • Communication skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Positive Discipline/Establishing Family Rules
  • Literacy skills and other healthy habits
  • Modeling positive behavior…mirror, mirror

The Strong Families Train-the-Trainer seminars are designed to help participants utilize this program with families they work with. The curriculum addresses parental roles, family life skills and ATOD myths and facts. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to utilize the curriculum to implement the Strong Families prevention program at specific worksites; community centers; family treatment programs; community based residency programs; family resource centers and anywhere else this course may benefit families. This Train-the-Trainer program includes a complete Strong Families curriculum. Please contact Jennifer Vitkus, for more information.

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